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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Big family Christmas 2010 *eve

What a day! Up to make tea and clear the kitchen of cats. Breakfast provided by John. Tom & Ad did some last minute shopping. The sky was clear and it was very cold in a sparkly kind of way - so John set up the telescope at the front of the house, used his fancy phone to orientate the viewer (find Saturn) and Mum, John, Adam & Tom had a good gander at it. Thank heavens (literally!) for our long nights. Saturn has moons - seen and discussed.
Sledging occurred again - yeah!! But befor that we had action games - great fun with Matt & Guy wanting more. Rod & Tori provided the extra "Okey Kokey".
Zach came sledging with me as it was clear he was going to cry otherwise. We sledged very carefully a little way.
After that it was prepping for the big day. The bird was de-quilled as much as I could and prepped as were the stuffings. Tom was briefed on cooking duties. Rod & Tom prepped the sprouts. Potatoes were prepped by mum & John. John did for the turkey with herb butter - oh er.

Then everyone relaxed in the lounge while I sorted out dinner - salmon en croute. I also cleaned the kitchen - all to 'Graceland' - the thme to many of my Christmasses, so I was very happy.
The dinner was another great get together and everyone was most complimentary about the food.

Band hero saw the evening out with everything set for the next day...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Big family Christmas 2010 *they arrived!

Up early to feed Zach and sort out the messy cats. Drove Johns car into Northlink terminal as his car is the better in snow and more capacious. While I was having a chat with some friends Bex and her family snuck up on me!
Back home and tea was made and everyone shown their room. The easy crossing still leaves folk feeling a little out of sorts so a light breakfast was made, by John. Much chatting and genral reassurance that presents would NOT be stolen while they had something to eat and drink.
Somehow we all started on playing sing star and well as the chatting and much fun had by all groups and ages. John made pakoras for the evening meal while supplying teas on demand. After lunch, well mince pies, all but the little boys, Mum & I went for a sledge. Much fun was had and a snow ball flight escalated into a snow wrestle.
The snow fun was recovered from and we all prepped out selves for the family photo shoot we had booked. Off we went in convoy and were in the right place and the right time despite the usual jitters about same. The chap who does the pictures is normal Shetland and I gather that only my family could understand him! I thought he sounded 'accented' only!
home and John made his daal, we re-heated the pakoras and dinner was on! Delicious and I ate very well. Zach also had daal as did all his cousins.
Kids to bed and on with more sing star. Much fun and a few drinks had. Excellent!!

Big family Christmas 2010 *the start

In July this year it was suggested by Mum that Ruth was thinking of having Christmas with us in Shetland. So I invited Ruth to make it formal and encourage her in her bravery - sharing the holiday and all that.
In August (once the kids were back at school) Mum came to visit again. During that trip I fell in love with the idea of a Bengal kitten which we sourced in Durham. Rod & Tori kindly escorted my kitten North and a good time was had by all. Thus was hatched the idea of extending the family at Christmas to all of Mums kids families. Bex was phoned and formally invited.
Much thinking about it was done.
By Tims B'day Christmas was 'in the bag' - everyone here 23-29th Dec. Ferry was booked.

I would go to sleep planning sleeping arrangements, linen, menus etc. This eased off with my families holiday to Lanzarote which was fantastic the 7 of us larking about. It had its dramas - missed flight home, extra ferry crossings etc...

November passed in a flash - Matts B'day then South with him & Zach for Ruperts Christening then North for Bens B'day. The whole family had meant to be South for the Christening but the weather was so wild for their planned trip (to minimise school absence) that the ferry was canceled.
December - surely time to catch up on the mental plans? Nope. The month started with the Island pantomime - which was brilliant! The following week brought present sorting for the many parties, the concert at school by Ben and prepping for the Johns forks visit.
That weekend (10th - 13th) was great fun! We bought the tree and dressed the house with Johns folks - much amusement. The Saturday saw the kids going to the church party and having a great time. Santa gave his first present. We had a beer roasted chicken with trimmings followed by early Christmas present for all that Saturday. Sunday saw another round of parties - this time the Gulberwick hall ones - split into pre-school and school age. Again much fun had. The remaining week saw me plan and buy the added linens etc we would need.
The weekend of the 18th saw the snow come back. John brought home extra chairs and tables that we would need for hosting all 17 folk for the big day. The kitchen became very full and my ecitement really started building as the first plans came into fruition. We prepared the guest room for the Chumbleys - moving Zachs cot down stairs and moving Zach into our bed at night.
We moved the 2 matresses from the garage roof and put them into our bed room and moved Matt & Ben into our room. This allowed us to prep their bedroom for the Bentleys. Moving the sofa bed from the kitchen & setting out more matresses and making beds - more excitement!
Monday 20th I had my highlights touched up (vanity I know!) with Zach keeping me company. Bought some lovely South African wines.
Tuesday (21st) - mince pie making day. On the evening we hosted the Gray family and had an excellent games night postponed from the weekend by the weather. They cooked us Thai Green curry - yum.
Wednesday - tidied up Cesca and Tims bedrooms ungraciously - they had had months to keep their rooms in a better state. Then Matt, Zach & I went out and bought pretty much all the rest of the shopping that we would need that we hadn't done at the weekend. So I bought the turkey, chippolaters, sausage mince from the butchers. Then onto the vets for the cats needs. Then to coop - cream, icecream etc. At the specialist shop bought panatoni, vanilla extract and glace fruit. Then leaving the boys in the car dashed into town and bought more SA wine.
Home and tired boys dispersed to bed while I finished off what would be Rods room and Grannies room. Looking good. Texting the family as they made their hazardous journey North.
The snow that had arrived on the 17th was still very much with us and the rest of the UK.
Very excited. 2 more matresses in our bedroom meant Cesca and Tim joined us for the rest of the Christmas break.
Mum & co had made it onto the ferry which was running smoothly on a flat sea. We were all set!