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Monday, March 14, 2011


With Matt & Zach I set off to visit Mum. John dropped us off at the airport, which was nice. The trip down went well - I have done it before so knew what to expect. Mum picked us up from Hexham and we went home to her house (not shopping, which I had expected/dreaded).
The boys and I had a lovely time relaxing, talking, watching TV.
The weather on the Sunday was especially good and we went for a river side stroll playing "trolls". Matt would run around avoiding & running into Mum & I who were designated trolls. Much fun and Mum did alot of catching and spinning Matt. Exhausting but therapeutic I think. Fantastic slow roast lamb - yum!!
Spent a nice bit of time with Rupe & Bex playing at their house - again exhausting Matt and even Zach!! Really good to see them sleep so quickly and deeply.
All too soon Mum headed off to clinic and Bex dropped us off to the station. It was a dreadful journey back - but we 3 managed in fairly good humour I think. John, Ben & Tim greeted us at the airport.
The family is together again! Wednesday spent buying Johns birthday presents and avoiding thinking of returning to work the next day.

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