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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Big family Christmas 2010 *they arrived!

Up early to feed Zach and sort out the messy cats. Drove Johns car into Northlink terminal as his car is the better in snow and more capacious. While I was having a chat with some friends Bex and her family snuck up on me!
Back home and tea was made and everyone shown their room. The easy crossing still leaves folk feeling a little out of sorts so a light breakfast was made, by John. Much chatting and genral reassurance that presents would NOT be stolen while they had something to eat and drink.
Somehow we all started on playing sing star and well as the chatting and much fun had by all groups and ages. John made pakoras for the evening meal while supplying teas on demand. After lunch, well mince pies, all but the little boys, Mum & I went for a sledge. Much fun was had and a snow ball flight escalated into a snow wrestle.
The snow fun was recovered from and we all prepped out selves for the family photo shoot we had booked. Off we went in convoy and were in the right place and the right time despite the usual jitters about same. The chap who does the pictures is normal Shetland and I gather that only my family could understand him! I thought he sounded 'accented' only!
home and John made his daal, we re-heated the pakoras and dinner was on! Delicious and I ate very well. Zach also had daal as did all his cousins.
Kids to bed and on with more sing star. Much fun and a few drinks had. Excellent!!

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Rodandtori said...

We had a most exciting trip North due to challenging conditions and high hopes & spirits! Great arrival - your Shetland weather was most kind with sunny skies (for 2 hours a day) and snow but not too cold! Yeah - an awesome Christmas, thanks. :-) -R&T(the travelling ones, not the kiddie ones) p.s. good fun on Singstar, too (good selection you have downloaded)