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Friday, February 18, 2011


The pic is me enjoying my birthday. I ate too much having cooked too much. Had jerk chicken, rice and sweet corn. Then profiteroles with creme patisserie - lot of them. I had my first drink of the year as well.
Generous presents - a clever scanner from Mum, clothes from the sisters and a digital polaroid camera from John.
Pleased with that.

Prior to the birthday splurge I had been continuing to slim and John & I have both had to tighten our belts and then get new trousers!

Sadly Mum was not at my birthday as her mantle cell lymphoma is back and she is starting treatment straight away. It also meant that she canceled her already delayed South Africa visit. Mum was not alone through this dark time - Ruth & Bex supported her through the tests and Rod & Tori have been with her for the results. I will be spending a long weekend with her in March - otherwise my contribution is pretty remote.

Ben has re-started swimming - what a relief. He has so much pizazz and needs to have the talent! Pleasingly friends have kids swimming at the same time so both of us are enjoying the lessons. Tim has continued violin despite John & I getting fed up with his lack of drive. Cesca is doing well with her violin and could be very good if there was more practice. Zach is registered now with the nursery and has had his first intro session. He cried a lot. Hey ho. Thankfully Matt will help him when it is the real deal.

Raja the cat tried to die yesterday - bleeding all over the place. It settled with the vet and he is back to his normal self. Mystifying what caused it all.

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