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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Good weather

Well this is the end of January and it has got to be one of the nicest on record. Currently blue sky and no wind to speak of. New month coming up, so I am expecting change soon!
I am now at the weight I was when I fell pregnant in Sept '09 and feeling pretty good about it. Am jogging and using the rowing machine. Unfortunately I have Achilles tendonitis threatening , and a bit of knee pain. The joy of being older, I guess. However Rod has given some useful advise on keeping the running going but not worsening the tendonitis - which is brilliant as I don't want to rest it!
I have ordered 900 photo prints from snap fish, and while not great quality, they have arrived fast. I am now making albums of all that we have done in the last 2.5 years since I last did photo albums. Turns out we have done quite a lot! It is exhausting and rewarding to do this. I have resolved (again!) to keep more up to date with my album making.
Up Helly Aa happened this past week and it was Matthews first at nursery. He was so cute and just like the 3 befor him VERY excited at being a Viking! I took the older 4 to the parade and we all came back smelling of the torches. The following day we made axes, whcih are very good if I do say so myself. Ben took his to talk about at school!
The diving manual has arrived for me and I have given it to Cesca. Not sure what has happened to hers. Egypt is a seething mass of rebellion at the moment - so I am a bit concerned for this holiday of ours. I have bought additional insurance, as the annual insurance we have does not have a phone number to call when you need either medical assistance or to make a claim. Everything is done by fax. We are not having a happy time with companies that only deal with faxes (cause they don't bother to deal with them!) - so I have specific insurance for our trip and they DO have a phone line dedicated to medical needs. A lesson learned there.

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