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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

In south Lincolnshire

We moved in November 2013, fleeing Nationalism in Scotland.
It was a horrific experience for us all.
A good life, friends and jobs were all given up for uncertainty in England. There was real pain for us all in this loss.

 Our beautiful 5 bed house with double garage

I had a job to go to and 3 months notice to work out. So that should have been time to find somewhere to rent or buy, right? No.
The nature of the agricultural area we live is that rental properties only go to those who can view the property. So that was us out of the running. Our property in Shetland was not selling. Fortunately having a good job to go to we were able to buy a small property to move to "for a short while." We had to buy a place without a chain- so we could ensure we would move on the right dates. We had to buy without seeing the place. And we had to buy cheap.
The one thing a visit to Lincolnshire to present credentials had given us was a sense of where we wanted to live - so we knew where we were going. We bought the one place that fitted the criteria.

And what a small awful dive it was we moved to.

 Front bedroom wet to touch with damp. We peeled the woodchip paper off with our fingers with ease.
We then set about making cabin beds for everyone, to optimise space available.

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