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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The remains of 2013

We moved in. We compressed the huge house we had into a 3 bed terrace with a wood shed.  We gave lots away to charity. We had a storage space in Peterborough for 2 months. We bought and made a shed. We made cabin beds. We clad our bedroom walls. We made do.
An early relief from the misery of the move was Bens birthday. We downed the unpacking and made the first proper meal in the new place. We cleared the table and had a proper birthday feast. And for the first time since moving we laughed.

We had 2 weeks before I had to start work, and the younger lads & Cesca started school. We used some time after Ben's B'day to take a walk in the woods.
The family were strong. And we passed the test that this experience threw at us. But with wobbles.

The boys had their intro day to their new school, Baston C of E, and were so noisy and rude the head mistress took me aside telling me all about how discipline is necessary. I did tell her it was just the family tilting on its axis, and they are charming young gents, but it was not  good start.
Cesca is at Kirkstone House school, a small private school in our village- and we spent a small fortune getting her uniform sorted.
We had to appeal to gain Tim a school place, but were successful and he joined his brothers after a full month off school.

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