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Monday, January 03, 2005

Our past life in Kent

Kent is special to us. It is were we settled into our first jobs, set up home and had our children 'Cesca & Tim.
We learnt to garden -which was easy in a medium estate sized garden in Kent - essentially plant it and it will grow.... When not producing our own fruit we could nip over to organic farm shops for superb produce really cheaply.
We learnt lot about why the Southern poeple aren't necessarily softies and that London impolitness is a necessary thick skin people there grow to cope with the multitide of idiots in the way of them gettting on with their lives (eg: rucksacked students from Edinburgh clogging up their space on the 8:00 from Orpington to Charing).
In Ashford we particularly liked our link to Paris and the continent. This we miss alot. The trains (Eurostar) are beautiful, comfortable and fast - so nothing like other UK trains. This makes them special. Well worth a trip. Even if just for lunch in a real french cafe!
To see our family photos from this time please follow the link:

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