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Monday, January 03, 2005

Unwraping in progress

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Chaos unleashed! We frantically made lists of who got what from whom, tried to keep momentum going by making sure the kids weren't distracted by the next shiny new toy and instead got everything open. We also tried (and failed!) to stop the sweets getting opened and eaten before dinner.

By this time everyone was hungry, the goose was smelling good and dinner was just too far away. Cue biscuits!

What you can't see through the windows is a white Christmas. We had one. Lerwick didn't. It was all very pretty and stuck around for the sledging adventures described further down the page. Next year, don't wish for a White Christmas, wish for a White Boxing Day - you've more time to enjoy the snow.

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Bex said...

Well hello my fellow bloggers! Arent they marvelous (blogs I mean)! Love the shots but call that a tree, visit bexnzadventure for a real tree(hehehe!!)!! Glad christmas was soo much fun, even more glad Cesca enjoyed Egypt so much. B