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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I have a hurdy-girdy

I have a hurdy-girdy and a music paper weight!! After our holiday I opened the birthday present Mum had sent me. Inside was a hurdy-girdy and a music paperweight. I have WANTED a hurdy-girdy since I was 9 and my best friend of the time invited me over for a sleep over, she had a hurdy-girdy (that played Sleeping beauty - Trichovskys - I know because Dad taught us classical music well) and I thought it was wonderful. Unfortunately on announcing that a hurdy-girdy was what I required for Christmas Dad launched into a series of lectures around the theme,, "It is July", and "You can't get hurdy-girdies" and the educational "they are enourmous - the size of a room, and there are many in Holland and Germany". Despite this I beleive I banged on for some time about the blessed music device my friend Joanne had.
No longer does my 9 year old heart had to be jealous! I am thrilled. The kids have been eductated in the art of where you play it changes the amount of noise it makes and John is so far tolerating the sudden stopping of cooking, tea making or whatever for another quick turn of the handle and 'the Entertainer.'

This is a brilliant, inspired and adored present. Thank you Mum!!!

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