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Sunday, March 13, 2005

week one - South African Adventure

After nearly 8 months anticpation the big holiday finally starts. Up early to Sumburgh airport to catch the first flight of three. We over nighted in 4 star luxury in Amsterdam, but with all 5 of us in one room! Then onto South africa KLM style. Not bad for cattle class. We had our own entertainment system so we were all variously content. We arrived at midnight with Uncle Tim greeting us - VERY WELCOME!!! a huge releif to be greeted by a friendly face when all of us were so tired. We were to be based at Melkboss in soon to be Charlottes home. Tea and bed. Next morning a play in the park and then the relatives all came for a brunch. Very good to see them all - and very kind of them to come to us!
The next day we had relaxing at the park getting used to our surroundings and prepariong for the next day. It was lovely and hot - just what we all needed!
Up early next day and the long drive to Outshorn. We stopped at Carlitsdorp for some port for Tim and made it to Kelinplass resort for the afternoon. HOT. Had cray fish for dinner - a birthday treat from the relatives.
Next day was my birthday and so started with presents. On this day we did an Ostrich farm - with Lubica riding one- and the Cango wildlife Park. John got to stroke a Cheetah. Kids seemed to enjoy the rabbits and goats most - typical!!
Afternoon swim at the height of the day much to johns protest and Lubicas out and out defience. However the sweet releif from the heat changed Johns mind! A lovely afternoon. Then evening meal at 'Die Figne Kiekeus' with ostrich on everybodies menue. Despite it being a late night the kids were great. Unfortunately Lubica thought her perfectly cooked delicious ostrich was tough and stringy and I am still cross at her complaints on my birthday. hey ho. Over all though a very fine day!
Next day Cango caves. Stunning as I remember and Lubica and John packed off to enjoy the adventure tour. Unfortunately 'Cesca ran off after the second chamber - much to my anger at first and then abstract terror. Eventually she bowled up the other end of the adventure tour and joined John. Very cross with her. Very releaved she was OK! Afternoon swim again.
Friday and the weather has changed, which is nice as we were off on our journeys again, this time to Plettenberg. Here we were to use the Wades caravan.
Well that was a shock. They had warned us and offered advise befor going and telephone advise as needed. Thankfully the caravan spirit rose in our neighbours who helped out HUGELY! Despite this I did try to call for help, but mobiles all out of credit or flat as a pancake and the land line to Tim was on answer phone. When about to leave a message the machine decided it did not like ANY other of my coins except the 50c i had started with so that was the end of that.
Ate at the local Spur - a South African chain of steak houses. At last a smile out of Lubica.

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