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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Guilty pleasures

Hmm. Pleasures I should feel guilt about...

1. Eating until I am really, really full- well beyond what I need to eat. Definitely a pleasure. Definitely feel guilty after..

2. Black humour. Not in and of its self a bad thing, especially in my profession - but I do sometimes enjoy spreading black humour when I know my audience don't get it. I feel guilt about this later. Much later, sometimes months later.

3. Sitting on this computer pseudo- analysing myself instead of doing the active work of parenting.

4. When one of my kid decks another - especially when I know the other kids has been harassing mine for a while. Guilt comes from the 'good' job my angry kids can do and from teachers response.

There are of course many subsections to this list.

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