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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Listography - 5 things I would change about myself

My first official listography! I don't come out of this well. Here goes:

1. Envy. I'd get rid of that. I find I envy anything that someone else is really happy with for example : appearance, house, gadgets. I suddenly want it or dislike myself for not having it. I can talk myself out of this and can list the gazilion things I am lucky to have, but the envy is always quick to come.

2. Quick tongue. I am quick to judge and like many a Yorkshire lass, quick to dole out that judgment. I need to slow down and think: was this judgment invited? Can I phrase this better, or even not at all? Success on this is mediocre at best.

3. Evil days. Every now and then I get a day when I actually want to hurt things. Why? I don't know. But these days are best spent alone. I generally am quieter than normal on these days, lest temptation turn into act.

4. Sense of proportion. This is some times out of order. It is NOT a big deal if the loo seat is up. again. I need to react consistently to the little irritations and not treat them as big deals.

5. Sense of smell. I have a smelly house. 5 male humans. 2 male cats. I would go to sleep easier if I wasn't thinking - what is that smell?


The mum of all trades said...

I can identify with a few of these. I am also the owner of a quick tongue! Thank you for visitng my blog and your kind comment. Your posts are really interesting to read.We recently visited an island off the west coast of Ireland with just 375 inhabitants, my children were facinated by the stories of island life. I will be back to read more of yours!

60N said...

thank you! It is lovely to have visitors :-)