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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Big family Christmas 2010 *Boxing day

Boxing day and a day with little in the way of goals - just to have fun. Breakfast and lunch were left overs - from Christmas day and eve. Yum!! Sledging happened - our last chance as the weather had changed and it was a balmy 4'C. Bex & Adam went to have a swim in the sea!!! Yes, a SWIM in the SEA. Rod photographed the whole thing, and they did exactly what they said they would do. Zach was with me for sledging as he made it clear he would cry remorselessly if I left him with his young cousin, Tori and Mum. Sadly he wasn't a happy critter and I never sledged, nor joined sister for sea madness.
After the sledging Ruth & Tom headed for a SWIM in the SEA. All this unseasonal swimming was Toms idea! Again Rod recorded the whole thing for posterity. Tom ran home after his swim! The Bentley family warmed up (eventually) in the sauna - which Guy took to well - with an exclamation of "its like Spain!"
In the afternoon Adam helped me prepare turkey rissoles that saw the rest of the bird used up completely, as well as left over roast potatoes. John& Rod wrestled with the boys with Bea joining in when she could. At one point they had John pinned down and Guy stood onto his thigh and did a jig. Ruth & I just stared as John took the pain, then laughed - of course!
Dinner was chips & rissoles with gravy from Christmas - yum. Again chatting and games followed.

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John C said...

Christmas was excellent for games this year - The Great Game of Britain got a few outings, both Kill Dr Lucky and Save Dr Lucky were played - we worked out it was 10 years since we'd last played them en-masse since the crown caps we'd labelled up for the players matched the last big Christmas get-together back when Cesca was brand new! We also played a few hands of Fluxx, possibly the best card game ever made. Much fun had by all, especially at the random frustrations thrown up by the Great Game hazard cards.