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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Big family Christmas 2010 *Happy Birthday Ruth!!

Ruths birthday on this day and the ladies had a day of pampering planned over on Bressay. Breakfast of what could be found and various shifts as folk woke more gently than previous mornings. None the less our schedule meant folk did concentrate on Ruth in the morning opening her birthday presents. I think she liked them, though Guy did not - crying and getting stroppy at the song 'Happy Birthday.'
We left the men to look after the house and dinner preparations for jerk chicken. This would involve shopping.
We set off way too early and consequently had a pleasant chat in the car awaiting the ferry and guessing how the chaps would fair during the day. It is telling we never took our mobile phones!!
We had a lovely morning of sauna, steam rooms and hot tub. Followed by a wonderful lunch. The Northern Lights spa is really pretty special and it was really good being ladies together - we are quite a bunch!
Home again for 3pm (ish) saw the men doing well and about to have a(nother?)beer. Chicken had been prepped and put into the oven to do its magic. Jerk chicken, pasta and salad followed by sticky toffee pudding (and lots of it!!). Once the kids were in bed we played the Kill Dr lucky & Save Dr Lucky - John winning each game and each time before 3 players had even made a move. None the less a good evening had at the end of a fine day. Happy Birthday Ruth!

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John C said...

Yeah, sorry about that. What can I say, though? Luck was definitely with me.