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Saturday, January 22, 2011

A few things planned

This week has been an odd one. Beryl - my mother in law- has been here. She came up in order to look after Zach if I was called to attend court again (I was in Aberdeen for 2 days last week, which John covered using annual leave). We get on well but it was still a bit odd, as we carried on doing our normal thing as opposed to special activities such a visit usually causes.
I am pleased to report the exercise and weight loss continue. I have lost 7kg so far, but have a long way to go yet - and now my body is fighting back.
Our holiday dates are booked and our main family holiday is as well. We are going to Disney Land Paris! Very exciting for everyone. We are driving there so we get to see friends and our old haunts around Ashford. This is were we were last time I had to diet like now -feels apt. Now we are booked it is amazing just how many Islanders are going either to DLP or DLF this year!!
I have booked Sumburgh lighthouse for my family to use in June when Zachs Christening is planned. And that is exciting too - should be spectacular for them and right about Simmer Dim. Bird spotting made easy. Fingers crossed for whales too.
As a happy co-incidence timing wise, Al Murray is preforming to the Clickimin right here in Shetland while my family are here for the Christening. So we have taken the opportunity and have booked our selves tickets. Leaving my family to baby sit!! John & I have not been out by ourselves for5 years - by choice mostly- but this will be exciting for us!
On a less exciting note, but important to me, renewed the house and car insurance and used on line brokers. Saved £350 in total from renewal cost!!

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