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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Big family Christmas 2010 *the departure

Up fairly late for me to find Bex foraging for Ruperts breakfast. The weather had continued to change and there was sever weather warning of high winds. The ferry was still going but would likely dock late - meaning a rough and long crossing faced everyone at the end of the day. With this knowledge the decision was made by those of a delicate stomach to eat fully in the morning and sparingly in the evening. Left over sticky toffee pudding was dispatched, as were salmon bagels, Ham & cheese bagels etc.
With so many strong hands about we removed the 2 mattresses from our bedroom that were for chucking, and moved the 2 mattresses that were new onto the small boys bed frames. The mattresses already on the bed frames were bagged and put up in the garage roof. Rods room saw the double futon mattress removed and bagged - also put into the roof. The kids reclaimed their rooms with their bedding. Much hoovering was done. Everyone helping to put the house back into order. It felt a good way to fill the day that was being overshadowed by the journey ahead.
Dinner was ham and pasta.
Medications to help versus travel sickness were dispensed and cars loaded. I escorted Bexs family to the ferry and said good bye to everyone going as foot passengers (Rod & Tom I had said my goodbyes to were the drivers onto the ferry) and had a lonely drive home.
John & I both flushed with the fun that had been had but also feeling a real wrench that it was now over and not recoverable.
What a remarkable family time.

The 29th saw us taking the kitchen tables and chairs back to Johns work where we had borrowed them from. It was a sad day and John & I both very down. We opened the presents that had arrived from family not present on the days its self. This acted as a bit of a lift to us - but worked magic on the kids! The kids were troopers and played very happily. The postie came late (5.30) with 2 further sets of presents and the day ended quietly and happily. The traveling family had a good journey South - but all suffered with prolonged nausea on the journey ending - 'land sickness'.

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