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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Listography - 5 celebrities I would like to have a beer with

I am slow to add my list and that is because while there are loads I would love, on having to pin it down to names, I am suddenly struck mentally dumb. So here are 5 folk I think I would like to know more about/chat to:
1. Rolf Harris.
A good egg and interesting chap. I would love to be acquainted with Rolf.

2. Emmeline Pankhurst.
What a person to know better! I would very much like to know what she would make of womens rights now.

3. King Edward the 1st of England (and Scotland).
Thinking outside my station in life here. But would be fascinated to know more about this warmonger who loved his first wife so very dearly. True love in very strong/powerful men is a very attractive phenomenon

4. Eleanor of Aquitaine
I figure if I can put a King, why not a queen of France and England? A very strong woman with spirit and passion.

5. Bill Bryson
Anglophile and all round clever chap. As with Rolf, there is something wonderful about people from palpably better countries who like our pokey has been one. I think he would be the best of my choice to enjoy the pint with.


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mumsarcade said...

Such different choices and show you are a really interesting person. My choices appear on the Kate on Thin Ice blog