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Monday, September 12, 2011

Listography - games I used to play

Another fun thing to list!!

1. Laggie.
This involved a large loop of knicker elastic that was hooked over 2 players ankles while a third jumped from one side of elasti to the other in a precise manner in a precise order. Errors meant you were 'out' and you swapped with one of the girls holding the elastic with their ankles. start pointfor the elastic: at ease position(normalzise), around ankles. progression was: same stance at knee height, legs wide (widezes) apart around ankles - then at knee height, then ankles together (thinsizes) ankle height then knee height, then all over again but moving! Hardest was thinsizes around ankles.

2.Skipping rope.

I became excellent at skipping solo or in group. Loved the games for 3 or more and jumping in and out of the routine with the rope swinging!

3.What time is it Mr Wolf?

A stealth game with chasing in, so this one attracted some of the boys into the game. Basically kids call out 'what time is it Mr wolf?' at one end of play ground while the 'wolf' would have her back to the rest of the players and call out O'clocks - the players would then aim to take massive strides in the number called. Mr Wold would randomly call out 'dinner time!' when he perceived a player was close (or cheated and looked back) - the aim being to catch a player. If some one touched the wolfs wall they won and the wolf had to have another go. If the wolf caught someone (ie they were close and easy to catch but at the wolfs wall yet) then they would have to be wolf next time.

4. The big Ship sailed down the Ally-Ally-O/Farmers in his den/Hoke Cokey
The group singing and action games. There were only 6 girls to 26 boys in my class, so these game were played with the whole schools girls. Loved them.

5. Wonder woman.

A game that I happily played by myself but more often than not played with a boy called James. We were both Wonder woman. We would dash about with a headband around our foreheads and a cloak about our shoulders singing the theme tune to this fabulous TV program. I seriously hoped and prayed even, to grow up to be Wonder woman, or at least look like her.

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