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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Reasons to be cheerful

Mum has made it out to South Africa to be with her family. This has been a goal of hers for some years as she has battled her illness. The battle is not won but she has triumphed on this front.

It is my eldest sons birthday tomorrow. He is very excited and has reminded us of the days approach often. We have bought a present we are pretty confident he will love. So we are really excited too!

I have been for a jog of 3 miles before 8.30am. The weather is still and cool. My home is beautiful and the air clear. The jog was good in so many ways.
My kids are going to have a busy day (Saturday) and their enjoyment is ours (see above).

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Mother Badger said...

Good going on the three mile run! Pirates Lego game looks fab. May have to buy it myself...

Anonymous said...

Lovely reasons to be cheerful. You live in a beautiful place. I can imagine how lovely and bracing an early morning joy is there. glad your mum made it out to South Africa. ..another beautiful place.

Michelle Twin Mum said...

Ahh lovely, superb to have you joiningin in with us on #R2BC.

I bet the birthday celebrations were great.

Mich x