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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Listography - 5 things I did this summer

A brief thing the Shetland summer, so I shall define summer more as the kids summer holidays:

1. Watched my brother get married.

A beautiful couple and a fabulous day

2. Had a week of only 3 children, all 5 or under. This was like a step back to a simpler time of life, as the older two were away on a residential Christian youth camp. We got to have the house back from 7pm. We didn't have back chat and shouting to get kids out of bed in the morning - the 3 little ones woke themselves from 5.30am anyway!!

3. I learned that what I thought of as fringe Christian radical dogma, used to jeer at Christian belief, is not at all on the fringes. My oldest 2 kids came back from camp with some radical, unpleasant and in my opinion wrong ideas of what it means to be Christian. This was an interdenominational youth camp and hugely enjoyed by the kids. School allowed distribution of leaflets advertising it. It is fully booked with waiting lists.
BUT - they were kept up until 11pm to contemplate bible readings in solitude, a well used form of brain washing.
-they were encouraged to draw conclusions from the bible that are anti Semitic. -they were taught science is wrong and faith means believing unquestioningly creation as set out in the bible.
So 3.5 I did a lot of bible discussion with the kids!

4. DLRP We drove from Shetland to DLRP taking our time and visiting friends and relatives. I did Space Mountain loads of times with Tim!! Good fun and the whole family had a blast.

5. Appeared live on national TV.
This is not as exciting as it sounds and I looked a prat as did the cloud appreciation society I was on TV representing. A mean move by the BBC but I can't say I was harmed, just belittled. I did very much enjoy the build up and the sense of 'talking' to media types though.

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Alison said...

Always admired those with bigger families and having 3 under 5 couldn't have beeen an easy task.Space mountain looks like lots of fun ;)