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Monday, January 02, 2012

23rd Dec 2011

Christmas is getting close now. Most of the house was tidied yesterday and arguments had. I am on call for the maternity department and that has settled today. We are expecting Oscar around for the evening and he will be house sitting for us over the Christmas holiday.
I go to the health center to finish my admin and hand over to George. It has been a horrid busy day for one and all and they are glad it is over. Friday before Christmas, and every body has come in wanting their often chronic conditions cured or sorted for Christmas, never mind the fact they could have come along to see us at any time the preceeding days/months etc.
Hand over complete and I head home. Time for a drink of something alcoholic!
The lasagne I made on Tuesday in anticipation of today is cooking and smelling great. Kids are excited, packed and ready.
The lasagne is as good as expected and pleasingly Oscar eats a lot!
We get the kids to bed early as possible and relax watching TV and chatting. Oscar has had my chat about how the house 'works'. I think he will be pleased when we are gone, and he is certainly pleased we are not expecting him to be up at 5.30 like us.
Good night!

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