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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

29th Dec 2011

Another day of relative bagging.
Today we went down to Yorkshire and had a delightful visit with Simon, Sharon, Thomas and Grace. Much chat about our very different French holidays - they had a camping holiday in a wine region and we did Disney. We now want a slice of their action....
Presents were opened and kids were in heaven as they hared around the place play fighting etc. Really lovely to see automatic getting on wellness.
Lunch time saw us move to Ripon and visit Johns mum. Tony was working (hence having had arrangements to see them on the 27th when he wasn't). Another good visit, though a different tempo. More presents. Very pleased kids!
Again we headed to Mums for dinner - pork and almonds followed by lemon soufflé. Good to visit so many folk and have such fun!
Thank you one and all.

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