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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

30th and home

Up early having packed the previous day getting all sorted did not take long. I litterally handed over keys with no other checks etc being needed. Up to Mums and met up with Bexs family, now back from their Christmas in Dorset. Zach and Rupe stared at each other a lot.
Tom, Guy and Bea arrived and a merry full house Mum had for a while.
10.30 hit the road for Edinburgh having said our fond fair wells.
A straightforward journey North with a straightforward handing over of the hire car, check in and through departures. We bought some paninis and crisps and this simple act took us to boarding. The flight was fine, I was sat next to Matt - as there had been some issues with his siblings in the car.
Home! Oscar had done well and the house was well accounted for. Yippee.
Back to the best bed in the world.

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