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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

28th Dec 2011

Rod & Tori were heading South today and so we went to Mums to say our goodbyes. After that we headed to Scarborough to see my sister Katherine and brother Tony.
We took the A68 to go South and this wore on our nerves quite a bit. I read to prevent myself being too miffed. This worked well until the road form Whitby to Scarborough as the road is very bumpy and twisty.
Found Katherines home without difficulty thanks to Johns phone.
Katherine has a fine house in which there were lego toys that had the kids very happily entertained! I met Oliver for the first time - a scandal that as he is 17!
Katherine made very fine pizzas which were duly scoffed down super fast by us! Good chat and good food. Warm fuzzy feelings all round.
We went for an afternoon stroll through the oriental(?) park - which hasn't changed much in the last 20+ years since I last saw it. The wind was bitter and befor heading off there was some argy bargy with Tim & Oliver about wearing coats. At the park a good stroll was being had when we realised that there was no Ben in our party. Tony walked one side of the lake (super fast) and John the other. They found Ben just on the edge of panic - he had wanted to climb a tree at the start of the walk and had gone to do just that! Phew a simple find!
We headed to the warmth of Katherines house and headed home when the light started to turn. We went back on the A167 past Consett - which was a much better road. Mum very kindly fed us - baked potatoes with cheese. Can't fault a classic and we didn't!
Bed time and back to the cottage. good night.

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